Singing Tips

One Tip To Become A Better Singer Immediately

Finding your singing voice is easier for some, and nearly impossible for others. We want to help those who are having a more difficult time finding their singing voice with the below article and video. For me, singing has always come naturally. It’s been easy and fun. But I do see many people struggle, and it can be very painful to watch.

The Key To Singing

Learning to sing can be very confusing, and there’s so much to remember. In fact you might feel you are getting worse after a lesson (at least initially). But instead, if you just remember to concentrate on the sound you actually feel. Try to visualize how that sound looks. This will help you concentrate and forget about all the other stuff you don’t really need. Try it, and you’ll be amazed.

In the below video, Felicia Ricci teaches you an important trick on learning how to sing faster. Listen carefully and go practice! Remember, practice is the most important thing you can do for your singing career.

Let me know whether this video has helped, and leave a comment on what you are struggling with. Let us know what you’d like to know and learn about singing. We might even write an entire article or shoot a video for you. We’re here to help make your music dreams come true. But keep in mind, it’s all abot the music. Have fun singing, don’t get overwhelmed by all the minute details.

So go out there and sing guys and girls. Keep practicing!