Best American Idol Audition Tips

So you want to be the next pop star, but you’re not sure how to get there? The quickest way to stardom these days is to audition for a show like American Idol. So what’s the best tips for succeeding at an American Idols audition? American Idol Audition

Talk To Your Family First

So many people come to an audition full of hope and optimism. That’s great, but not when that hope is misplaced. It’s funny for the audience, but it saddens me to see someone’s dreams being crushed in front of millions of people. It’s unnecessary.

So before even thinking about coming for an audition, ask your family and friends whether they really think you’re talented. They will lie, so ask them to be brutally honest. Beg them to tell you the truth. It’s easier to be devastated in private than on TV.

If they think you’re amazing, go for it!


Some people think it’s all about talent. It’s not! Lots of it is talent, but it takes practice to become great. Any major artist will have put the hours in to become great. Don’t ever rely just on talent. Learn to dance, train your voice, find your own way. Keep practicing your audition and come prepared.

Get A Voice Coach

We’ve decided talent is important. But we’ve also decided practice is important. They both are, but if you’re serious about winning American Idol you’ll need to get a voice coach. They will show you how to control your voice and help you find your voice so to speak. Make sure you get their advice on what song to perform on your audition, since they will be able to help you decide what song matches your voice best. This can be more valuable than the lessons.

Enjoy it

It’s stressful to audition to a big audience. The stakes are very high. But keep in mind that winning is not everything. Try to enjoy the process, and use it as a learning experience. The more exposure you get, and the more practice you get, the better your chances of becoming a famous star!

Good luck with your audition and make sure to comment below on your experience with preparing for an audition.

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